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Yaacov Agam POINTED RHYTHM II Signed Art Limited Edition


Yaacov Agam
Pointed Rhythm II
– 1970
Print – Serigraph, screenprint   10.5” x 12.5”
Edition: signed and numbered in pencil 58/252

Unframed in Excellent Condition.

Yaacov Agam decided, in the 1950’s, that art could be more than a spectator sport. He created various “tactile paintings”, meant to be handled, that added to sight the elements of touch and sound – and produced a unique user experience each time. Later works are purely visual – with a twist. His Op-ish grids full of colorful gradients, given the moniker “Agamographs”, seem to change with every movement of the viewer’s head. Agam is credited with being a founder of the Kinetic movement.

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