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Warrington Colescott George the Wonder Horse Signed Art


Warrington Colescott
George the Wonder Horse – 1969
Print – Lithograph   31” x 22.5”
Edition: signed in pencil, titled and numbered 32/50

Unframed in excellent condition

The brutal imagery of men (both white and native American) cavorting, raping and torturing are both satirical comments but also formal design elements as well. Here Colescott’s shows the influence of style of Henri Toulouse-Lautrec along side Pop Artists such as Jasper Johns and Warhol.

Working in that area which he calls “..that black zone between tragedy and high comedy, where with a little pull or push one way or the other you can transmute screams into laughter…” Colescott examines the society of today, its virtues and its inequities. To strengthen satire, he juxtaposes humor and violence; to reinforce a comment on a current situation, he makes use of historical reference.

The prints show his mastery of numerous technical printing processes. Employing additive and subtractive techniques, the final result is a printed collage. He uses various methods to apply color, relying on relief and spot inking, careful wiping, and the use of stencil techniques to achieve proper color density, balance and registration.

The humor is bittersweet; the images are thought-provoking, the quality of the printmaking is outstanding.

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