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United States 1928 Series Notes

$1,000.00 $800.00

United Stated 1928 Series Notes Denominations
35 x 22 inches
Giclee on Heavy Paper
Frame size 38.5″ X 24.5″ inches

Clean black frame + No Mat
Our modern black frame is 100% versatile. You really can’t go wrong with this one.



The Series of 1928 was the first issue of small-size currency printed and released by the U.S. government. These notes, first released to the public on July 10, 1929, were the first standardized notes in terms of design and characteristics, featuring similar portraits and other facets.

$100,000 Gold Certificate, Series 1934 depicting Woodrow Wilson.  This series was never released to the public and was used for government inter-agency transactions.