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Sharon Sutton Streets Paved in Moonlight and Candlelit Cafes Lithograph


Sharon Sutton
Streets Paved in Moonlight and Candlelit Cafes – 1981
Print – Lithograph on Arches Archival Paper
Paper size 20.5” x 28.5”
Edition: Signed in pencil, titled and marked from the Roman Numeral edition of L

Sharon Sutton‘s Streets Paved in Moonlight and Candle Lit Cafes, elegantly and precisely executed in the colors of earth and sidewalks, contains the fleeting, slippery images produced by moonlight and rain, flickering candles and crowded compressed spaces, that can cause one to slip or bump. The one thing in a painting or print that is usually stable is the frame, but in this case it shifts and slips like dislodged masonry. The distortion of the ovals that turn to circles as one moves to left or right before her lithograph, the gold reflected surfaces and shifting frame, the concave backgrounds and flat patterned discs all reconfirm the instability and insecurity of the perception of material objects, the illusion of light and movement. In this regard, it is a spiritual painting, declaring the reality of intangibles and the omnipresence of energy and light. She is a dreamer who finds her way by moonlight.

In her work there is a maximum sameness in each cartouche of the design, with a maximum difference between the cartouches through placement, color and tone. This expresses, with the precision of mathematics, one of the most profound underlying principles of life: that everything is related to everything else, and everything is different from everything else.

Sharon Sutton is a renowned researcher, author, artist and lecturer. Her fine art has been exhibited and collected by galleries, museums, businesses and universities across America. She was inducted into Michigan’s Women’s Hall of Fame of Life Achievements

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