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Mikulas Kravjansky Intaglio Etching Signed Limited Edition Art Twilight

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Mikulas Kravjansky
Twilight 1989
Print – etching   22″ x 30″ inches
Edition: signed and marked AP XIII/XX

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Kravjansky uses the intaglio in which the image is created by the artist on many different plates and then transfered to handmade paper by the high pressure of the etching press. A close examination of Kravjansky’s procedure demonstrates its complexity – including precise technical specifications for plate cutting, materials, textures and viscosity of the inks, formulas for accurate color balance, and most importantly, his creation of the image on the plate. After the graphic is produced the work is painted over with watercolor inks and laminated with metallic inlays. Kravjansky produces only small limited editions of his designs and then destroys the plates to assure the artistic integrity of his work.

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