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Michael Challenger Easily Red 1970 Original Signed Art Painting


Michael Challenger
Easy Red – 1970
Painting – Acrylic on Canvas   49” x 61”
Edition: Titled and Signed on back

Challenger’s work is a powerful interplay of op-art and constructivism. His graphic work evokes the counter-play of shapes, forms and color of his predecessors, including Albers and Escher; but in a stronger and yet playful way.

Although Challenger ably plots new horizons with his illusionist scenery, his concern is more with the credible realization of improbable figures without alienating his audience with an esoteric language.

He uses simple units and the flat, hard-edged colours are deployed with cool detachment and yet, in spite of clear-cut geometric shapes, his paintings always defy one interpretation.

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