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John Baeder Boulevard Diner Mezzotint Etching Signed Art 1978


John Baeder
Boulevard Diner – 1978
Print – Lithograph   30” x 22”
Edition: edition of 191/200  and signed in pencil,

John Baeder’s calculated and nostalgic renderings of “classic Americana” theme-diners have brought him great appeal and success both as painter and printmaker.

His subjects have been almost exclusively isolated roadside diners and eateries. That an artist can concentrate so masterfully on one theme enticed Abrahms to publish ” Diners by John Baeder” in 1978

“In Photo-Realism, reality is made to look so overpoweringly real as to make it pure illusion: through the basically magical means of point-for-point precisionist rendering the actual is portrayed as being so real that it doesn’t exist.”

† Gerrit Henry “Super Realism: A Critical Anthology” (Dutton 1975)

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