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Joan Miro (D. 562) Original 1972 Pencil Signed Print Etching, with Aquatint

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Joan  Miro 
PYGMÉES SOUS LA LUNE (D. 562) – 1972
Print  – etching, with Aquatint   26.5” x 21”
Edition: HC

Matt size 38.5″ x 33.5 Inches

H.C. stands for Hors Commerce (Not for Trade in french). Traditionally these were graphics pulled with the regular edition, but were marked by the artist for business use only. These graphics were used for entering exhibitions and competitions.
Joan Miró Pygmées sous la Lune (D. 562) etching and aquatint in colours, 1972, on wove paper, signed in pencil, an hors commerce impression aside from the edition of fifty, published by Maeght, Paris, the full sheet, deckle edges at left and right, in very good condition


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Joan Miró i Ferrà  (April 20,1893 – December 25,1983) was a world renowned Spanish Catalan painter, sculptor, and ceramist who was born in the sea port city of Barcelona. Joan Miro, a Spanish artist who studied in Paris, is best known for his whimsical abstracts. Many of his paintings combine lines and colors that create wonderful shapes that may or may not tell a story–depending on your perspective!

In the 1930s Miró designed ballet sets and worked on tapestries and murals. In 1937 he expressed his sorrow and horror at the suffering caused by the Spanish Civil War in his painting Still Life with Old Shoe and a mural, The Reaper, which was shown at the Paris World Exposition that year. Miró lived and worked in Spain during World War II. After the war his paintings, graphics, and ceramics achieved world renown. He continued working at his studio on Majorca. He died in Palma, Majorca, on Dec. 25, 1983.

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