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James Morlock XTC 1985 Signed Limited Edition Silkscreen

$800.00 $200.00

James Morlock

Signed in pencil and marked 23/300
Paper size 35½” x 26¼ inches
Image size 29½” x 19¾ inches

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James Morlock

Although filled with both shocking and sensuous images, Morlock’s art has a knack for capturing the lifestyle of our present day socieety. Even though Morlock’s work covers many segments of modern day life, his favorite subject was “Today’s Women.” Morlock prefered to paint women as strong and confronting individuals, no longer existing in the shadows of their male counterparts. 

James Worlock: I like to show how far women have come, to me they are like diamonds with many facets and each cut on the gem needs to be explored. My art is extremely bold and confronts the viewer and causes them to think. Our present day world is filled with so many images that people tend to get lulled to sleep, and I feel that my paintings serve somewhat as a wake-up call.


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