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Helena Markson "New Brighton Fair" – 1968 Print -Etching with Aquatint, Signed


Helena Markson
New Brighton Fair – 1968
Print – etching, with Aquatint   31” x 22”
Edition: 59/100

Unframed in good condition

“I spent much time, about three years, visiting Liverpool, sketching and photographing areas. Although initially intimidated by the task, I gradually forgot my doubts of my ability to complete the work. I became very connected to the city, the projects of renewal and my personal relationship as an artist with the subject and the challenge to express ideas visually. The medium of etching aquatint contributed to the growth of ideas. I may not always have succeeded in what I aimed to do, but I am happy with most images and hopeful that there is truth there.”

Helena Markson – 2007

Helena is a master printmaker as well as a faculty member of Haifa University.


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