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Guillaume Corneille Portrait Imaginaire Signed Lithograph on wove paper

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Guillaume Corneille
Portrait Imaginaire 1981
Print, Signed Lithograph on wove paper
25.5 x 19.5 ” inches

Signed in pencil and dated and marked 200/200

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As a co-founder of the famed experimental artist group CoBrA – one of the significant european art movements of the 20th century, Corneille (Guillaume van Beverloo) became a leading abstract expressionist painter and printmaker.

Corneille has been linked to Klee’s idea of finding a single formula to comprise man, beast, plants, earth, fire, water and air. His works include certain recurring exotic symbolic forms from his foreign travels.

For Corneille the woman’s body is a source of mystery and desire and he developed a dense visual vocabulary of icons and symbols that mirrored the many meanings that the woman held for him.

Since his first solo show in 1946, he has enjoyed more than 190 one-man shows and four museum retrospectives.


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