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George Pocheptsov Signed Limited Edition Fantasy Art Sally and the Cat


George Pocheptsov
Sally and the Cat
Print 17½” x 23″ inches
Signed and marked 45/275

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George Pocheptsov, who is sometimes also referred to as “Georgie”, was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1992 to Ukrainian parents.When Pocheptsov was eleven months old, his father was diagnosed with brain cancer; and he died in 1995, at the age of forty.Though he was a toddler, his mother gave him a pencil and some paper to keep him busy. At seventeen months old, he drew a replica of an antique car parked across the street.At a young age, Pocheptsov was drawing jesters, pregnant women, and four-headed giraffes, all in bright color schemes. He started to paint six months before he started to talk.Pocheptsov attended Wrightsville Beach Elementary School in Wilmington, North Carolina.

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