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Fran Bull Zebras 1980 Original Signed Lithograph Photorealist


Fran Bull
Zebras – 1980
Print – Lithograph on Arches Archival Paper 20.25” x 29.75”
Edition: signed in pencil and marked 100/160

Brown stains in at the edge of the paper in the margins. See photos

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About The Artist:
Fran Bull is best known for wildlife and other water-reflected images such as boats sailing down a river, sculpture reflected in a pond and buildings mirrored in lakes. Each of her paintings contain subtle tonal changes remarkably sensitive to the light source, usually the sun, and each image also involves the monumentous task of having to create perspective in a moving flow of water.

Like many other photo-realist painters, Bull begins with photographic images as the source of her inspiration.”





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