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Emile Wegelin La Baloneuse Original Signed Art


Emile Wegelin
Le Baloneuse
Painting – Painting on Hardboard   32” x 25”
Edition: Signed in Ink

Image Size 16″x 10″=40.64×25.4cm Framed in an Ornate Gold Molding, with Linen wrap.

Emile Wegelin (1875-1962)

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Emile Wegelin devoted his life to painting. He received training from the most highly regarded painters in the Lyon area – Guiguet, Drevet, Broullard and Henri Grosjean – Wegelin developed a precise technique and was a master pf his craft.

He expressed his deep love of nature with ease and communicated through his work an impression of simplicity, which is the attribute of great artists.

An inexhaustible traveler, Wegelin journeyed throughout Europe, often by foot, with his palette, boards and brushes. He knew how to capture the exact moment at dawn while haze floated mysteriously over a lake or pond. He had the patience to wait for the glowing sunset, rendering its last light with a swift touch of the brush capturing its essence.

Of Wegelin, art historian and expert on the French Minor Masters Gerald Schurr has said, “An outstanding artist, in the manner of Pierre-Eugene Montezin…” Wegelin often painted with Montezin – the painter of seasons.

Since Wegelin was from a wealthy family, he was not required to enter the commercial circuit. When he did exhibit his paintings at the insistence of his fellow painters like Montezin, Wegelin’s paintings brought the same acclaim and prices.

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