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CITYSCAPE Portfolio 1979 Limited Edition Signed Silkscreens in Case


Cityscapes Photorealist portfolio
The complete portfolio
Ten silkscreens printed on Somerset Satin paper
Signed and marked P.P. 3/25 (from the total edition of 305),
Contained in the original black case.

p.p. stands for “printers proof”


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Views of New York City. Artists and Titles Include: John Baeder, Market Diner, Charles Bell, Little Italy, Arne Besser, Bridgehampton, Tom Blackwell, Club 451, Fran Bull, Lincoln Center/Dust, Hilo Chen, Roof-Top Sunbather, H.N. Han N.Y. Skyline, Ron Kleeman, Gas Line, Noel Mahaffey, Night-Times Square, C.J. Yao Building Reflection