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C.J. Yao Refection #2 1981 Print Silkscreen on Arches archival paper


C.J. Yao
Reflection #2 – 1981
Print – Silkscreen, on Arches archival paper 22'' x 30'' in.
Image Size : 17″ x 22″ in.
Edition: signed in pencil and marked AP 18/30


An Artist’s Proof (AP) is a number marking which appears on certain print editions.

C. J. (Ching-Jang) Yao, a photo-realist artist from Taiwan, creates original paintings which are contrasts between the Mondiran-like grids of the window frame and the multifold distortions given by the reflected buildings.

To those who pass such glass edifices daily, it is just another building obscuring the view. But Yao creates a masterpeice of light and color, harmony and movement; a monument to the spirit, energy and drive of the city itself.

Photo-Realism has its origins in pop art, which brought the attention of modern paintings back to the commonplace object as subject matter.

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Medium (Up to 30")

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AP 18/30



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