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Birgit Skiold Reflecting Water 1970 Signed Original Rare Art Etching


Birgit Skiold
Reflecting Water – 1970
Print – etching, soft ground on T.H. Saunders paper   23” x 30.5”
Edition: signed in pencil and marked HC

unframed excellent condition
H.C. stands for Hors Commerce (Not for Trade in french). Traditionally these were graphics pulled with the regular edition, but were marked by the artist for business use only. These graphics were used for entering exhibitions and competitions, but today, these graphics generally are allowed into distribution through regular channels.

The name Birgit Skiøld is quite well known as an internationally reknowned Grand Prize for printmaking. But she herself was also a well regarded Swedish woman artist, printmaker, painter and photographer well ahead of her time. She played a significant and lasting role in the development of British printmaking begining in the 1950s when she founded of one of the first printmaking workshops in Britain. Later Skiøld was a founding member of the UK Printmakers Council (1965).

These acheivements however should not overshadow Skiøld’s work itself. Her original prints according to current reviews, ‘are freshly abstract and mysteriously simple.’ This formal simplicity is quite welcome to eyes made weary by the age of visual saturation. Herein lies the essence of Skiold’s artistic talent.

Her fine etchings are now included in many major public collections in Britain, Europe and the United States.

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