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Alberto Giacometti Seated Man And Sculpture 150 Derriere Le Miroir 1961


Alberto Giacometti
Seated Man And Sculpture – 150 – Derriere Le Miroir – 1961
Print – Lithograph 15” x 22”
Giacometti’s studio was located in Paris at 46 rue Hippolyte Maindron, off of the rue d’Alésia. He worked there from 1927 until his death in 1965. This lithograph was created during a period in which Giacometti, Swiss born artist, created works reflecting placidness, understatement, and stability of composition, ultimately giving rise to an atmosphere of serenity. Despite the manifest tranquility, rapid execution is suggested by the ease taken in creating the loose lines. Giacometti was accustomed to drawing with lithographic crayon on transfer paper rather than on stone, a technique that created works which resembled crayon drawing. This technique preserved every line Giacometti put down since this particular method made it impossible to erase lines.

From the May 1961 edition of the French art periodical “Derriere Le Miroir” no. 127 with 14 original lithographs, two doublepage published by Maeght Editeur, Paris in new condition

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Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss sculpturer painter and drawer, developed in the 1940s a form of depicition where movement and vision meet.

“I make pictures and sculpture to attack reality, to defend myself against death and to be as free as possible.”

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