Herbert Bayer

Herbert Bayer studied at the Bauhaus, Weimar 1921-1923 and Bauhaus, Dessau 1925-1928. Maintaining a studio as a designer and artist in Berlin, he created typography, a series of avant-garde and surreal photographs, followed by constructions and paintings in the same genre. However, in 1938, when the political climate dictated changes, he joined fellow artists Kandinsky, Moholy-Nagy, Mondrian and Klee in moving to the United States. Bayer developed a trend-setting graphic design studio in New York until, in 1946, at the direction of an important collector, he moved to Aspen, Colorado. His reputation preceded him and his graphic design business broadened to include paintings, lithographs, architecture, tapestry design and earthworks. In 1974, Bayer and his wife moved to Montecito, California. Bayer died in 1985.

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