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  • Alberto Giacometti

    Alberto Giacometti (9)

    "I make pictures and sculpture to attack reality, to defend myself against death and to be as free as possible." Alberto Giacometti, a Swiss sculptor painter and drawer, developed in the 1940 ies a depicition where movement and vision meet. "Femme Bras Tronqués" is a very typical example of his later works. The long and strait forms make us think…
  • Alexander Calder

    Alexander Calder (1)

    Calder made his first wholly abstract works during these crucial years of artistic development. He invented the kinetic sculpture now known as the "mobile." Coined by Marcel Duchamp, the word refers to both "motion" and "motive" in French. The earliest mobiles moved by a system of cranks and motors, although these mechanics were virtually abandoned as Calder fully developed mobiles…
  • Alexandra Nechita

    Alexandra Nechita (20)

    Alexandra Nechita began drawing at the age of two. At seven, Alexandra was painting with oils and acrylics, and her first exhibit was a one-woman (child) show held at a Los Angeles public library when she was just eight years old. Alexandra's talent was instantly recognized as capacity crowds came to see her amazing and often monumental paintings. After seeing…
  • Alice Neel

    Alice Neel (5)

    Cezanne said, ‘I love to paint people who have grown old naturally in the country.’ My statement is, ‘I love to paint people mutilated and beaten up by the rat race in New York.'”   As an american portrait artist with an international reputation, Alice Neel was both a woman of her time and an artist with timeless talents. In…
  • Alistair Grant

    Alistair Grant (6)

    Alistair Grant was a great and justly-revered experimental British printmaker. He worked in the printmaking department of the Royal College for 35 years (1955 -90), acting as Head of Department 1970 -90 and as Professor of Printmaking (Emeritus) 1984 -90. He retired to pursue his love of painting. He also co-authored an important book on the life and works of…
  • Allan D'Arcangelo

    Allan D'Arcangelo (4)

    Perhaps the most interesting part of this work are the contrasts: the flat picture plane and the one point perspective highway receding beyond the picture plane, the real and the artificial as seen in the use of color, light and shape, and the abstract and representational.
  • Angelo Basso

    Angelo Basso (9)

    "ITALIAN MASTER OF THE MODERN BAROQUE" Angelo Basso is one of Italy's most prominent figurative sculptors -- an heir to the Baroque tradition of the 1600s. Basso captures the lush, assertive style of that period in his evocative female figures. His lithe, confident women miraculously glide through sea waves with the rich flowing movement of the Baroque style. Basso's figures…
  • Animation

    Animation (1)

    Animation layouts and production backgrounds are also popular with savvy collectors. While not as popular as cel art, these production pieces are rare and difficult to obtain. The rare find of an original layout from a 1930's Disney cartoon could fetch several thousand dollars in the marketplace. A layout is generally a scene that shows both character and scenery. Although…
  • Ann Brunskill

    Ann Brunskill (5)

    Ann Brunskill exhibits skilled competence with colored etching. Her images are overflowing with intricate detail, in an organic and playful way. She is also an honored author of hand made books.
  • Ann T. Cooper

    Ann T. Cooper (6)

    The art of Ann T. Cooper reflects her view of the world as a vibrant dynamic place in which to live, where all things can be reduced to the simplicity of colors and images that we all quickly recognize. It is easy to instantly identify with her obvious warmth and sensitivity to nature. Much of the charm of these works…
  • Anne E. Nipper

    Anne E. Nipper (2)

    Anne E. Nipper Anne started her career as an artist early in life, finding that using crayolas to decorate the dining room walls was an instant attention getter. She moved on to more complex media and began her serious study under Stan Robinson, noted North Carolina coastal artist. Her work at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill encompassed…
  • Arman

    Arman (3)

    Henry Martin describes Arman as a ‘…virtuoso assembler and dimantler.’ Utilizing familiar objects, Arman presents them out of their expected context and recombines them in new, provocative ways. With his diverse “vocabulary” of images and materials, which include such unusual things as rusted saxophones, automobile parts, broken dolls hands, busted violins, permanent press shirts, stainless steel teakettles, and even fresh…
  • Arne Besser

    Arne Besser (2)

    Arne Besser born in Hinsdale, Illinois in 1935, received training as an artist at the Art Center School, Los Angeles. There he studied with John Audubon Tyler and Lorser Feidelsson. Beser's approach to Photo-Realism is to draw from the urban landscape and nature a succinct “set like” image of reality. His city scenes depict New York street life alive with…
  • Barbara Kwasniewska

    Barbara Kwasniewska (6)

    Barbabra Kwasniewska was born in 1931 in Varsovia, Poland. She studied painting at the Beaux-Arts Institute of Cracow, Poland.  Kwasniewska's group, 'The Group of Five', many years later dubbed the Nowa Huta Group, was one of a few such groups, social-artistic in character, that sprang up in Cracow after World War II. What basically bonded these young artists was the…
  • Bengt Lindström

    Bengt Lindström (2)

    Bengt Lindström Born: 1925 Birthplace: Storsjö Kapell, Sweeden Biography: Lindström was born in Storsjö Kapell (Sweden) in 1925. After studying in Paris with André Lhote and Fernand Leger, Lindstrom began showing his work in 1950. He has had many shows in Europe and the US. Although his art is close to that of COBRA and he was a friend of…
  • Bernard Charoy

    Bernard Charoy (4)

    Bernard Charoy is a brilliant talented figurative artist, who has continued to follow and develop his creativity instincts for nearly half a century. Charoy is, in large part, a painter of the "eternal feminine" through Charoy is known and, no doubt, will always be remembered first and foremost as a painter of women, there is something more singular, more specific…
  • Bill Sullivan

    Bill Sullivan (2)

    Bill Sullivan is a painter who "stretches the limits." In describing his style, he quotes a passage from a prose poem " The Recital" by John Asherey: We are trying with mortal hands to paint a landscape Which would be a faithful reproduction of the exquisite and terrible scene which stretches around us "There’s stuff out there that talks to…
  • Birgit Skiold

    Birgit Skiold (5)

    The name Birgit Skiøld is quite well known as an internationally reknowned Grand Prize for printmaking. But she herself was also a well regarded Swedish woman artist, printmaker, painter and photographer well ahead of her time. She played a significant and lasting role in the development of British printmaking begining in the 1950s when she founded of one of the…
  • Brian Elliott

    Brian Elliott (10)

    These vintage 1960s prints by artist Brian Elliott, capture the essence of the ‘mod’, ‘swinging 60s’ and demonstrate a love for and technical command of the caricature style. Though childlike and simplistic in form, each of these charming prints provides the essential details that captures the mood of each subject. Whether a brooding artist or a carefree young woman on…
  • Brian Rice

    Brian Rice (9)

    During the 1960s Brian Rice produced luminous, hard edged abstract paintings and prints, which achieved national and international publicity and acclaim, and quickly found their way into international collections. The roots of inspriration lay not in the 50s and 60s icons of the 'Pop' era but rather more in the De Stijl and European Constructivists of the 20s and 30s.…
  • C. J. Yao

    C. J. Yao (6)

    C. J. (Ching-Jang) Yao, a photo-realist artist from Taiwan, creates original paintings which are contrasts between the Mondiran-like grids of the window frame and the multifold distortions given by the reflected buildings. To those who pass such glass edifices daily, it is just another building obscuring the view. But Yao creates a masterpeice of light and color, harmony and movement;…
  • Charles Bragg

    Charles Bragg (5)

    Charles Bragg's genius for poking fun at a variety of professions through classical renditions of idiosyncratic characters has given critics reason to equate his talent with that of such great satirists as Daumier, Hogarth and Bosch. His lighthearted social commentary indicates both a keen perception of the human condition and an astute observation of contemporary times. His satire translates to…
  • Chryssa

    Chryssa (3)

    Chryssa, best known for her "Luminist" sculpture in brilliantly colored neon tubing, was born in Greece and now ranks as one of the outstanding and innovative artists in America today. Chryssa has had individual and collective exhibition shows at the Museum of Modern Art, The Guggenheim, The Whitney -New York. Harvard University; Institute of Contemporary Art at the University of…
  • David Hockney

    David Hockney (1)

    David Hockney, OM CH RA is an English painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer. An important contributor to the Pop art movement of the 1960s, he is considered one of the most influential British artists of the 20th century.
  • David Leverett

    David Leverett (3)

    David Leverett (British, born 1938) Working in oil or acrylic on canvas or original lithography, Leverett's landscapes have enormous vitality. They are about everything that we are dependent upon in the dimensions of nature: the combination of elements weather, air, sky, and earth that constitute the mass that we jive on, always in a state of change, constantly in motion.…
  • Dennis Mukai

    Dennis Mukai (2)

    Dennis Mukai’s art depicts the rarefied world of high fashion and feminine beauty with an original sense of style. Models are rendered in bright, unconventional tones and flowing lines to maintain a delicate balance between reality and illusion. The beauty of these models is idealized without losing the individual characteristics that allow them the aspect of portraiture. Typically the number…
  • Derrick Greaves

    Derrick Greaves (9)

    A major twentieth century British painter and printmaker, Derrick Greaves studied at the Royal College of Art from 1948 to 1952. He was then awarded the Abbey Major Scholarship to complete his education in Italy, 1952 - 1954. During the 1960’s Greaves taught at both the Maidstone College of Art and the Royal Academy Schools. From 1983 to 1991he also…
  • Donald Sultan

    Donald Sultan (1)

    The work of Donald Sultan is voluminous and varied. Since 1975, when he arrived in New York, Sultan's creative energy has manifested itself in the media of paint, printing, and sculpting. His extensive body of work has placed him at the forefront of contemporary art, where he has become best known for his ability to successfully merge the best of…
  • Duane Bryers

    Duane Bryers (1)

    Duane Bryers was an American illustrator and pin-up artist. He remains best known for his watercolors of playful female models, particularly his recurring character named Hilda.  The old west, cowboys and indians are favorite subjects
  • Ernesto

    Ernesto (4)

    Ernesto was born in Portugal but at 18, his interest in painting carried him to France where he was accepted in the renowned “School of Fine Arts”, Paris.After his graduation, he decided to establish his studio in the centre of Paris. His life in Paris has a great influence upon his works; he has totally absorbed the atmosphere and the…
  • Erte

    Erte (3)

    Erté is the master of the Art Deco style. His fashion designs frequently appeared in "Art et Industrie," "L'Illustration," "Femina," "Le Gaulois Artistique," "Plaisir de France," "The Sketch" and "Illustrated London News." In 1929, Erté contributed an article on fashion to the 14th edition of The Encyclopedia Brittanica. Erté's contribution to the art of the Twenties was honored in the…
  • Eugène Carrière

    Eugène Carrière (1)

    Eugène Carrière (1849-1906) was a French Symbolist, Fin de siècle artist. His work is best known for its brown monochrome palette. He was a close friend of the sculptor Rodin and his work influenced Matisse and Picasso (some see traces of Carrière’s monochrome style in Picasso’s Blue period). Eugene Carriere was a prominent, highly regarded portrait painter and one of…
  • Exhibit Posters

    Exhibit Posters (36)

    The poster art used to publicize artist gallery shows and openings are often very beautiful themselves.  The highest quality posters in uncirculated condition are considered very collectible and are perfect for framing.
  • Fran Bull

    Fran Bull (11)

    Fran Bull is best known for wildlife and other water-reflected images such as boats sailing down a river, sculpture reflected in a pond and buildings mirrored in lakes. Each of her paintings contain subtle tonal changes remarkably sensitive to the light source, usually the sun, and each image also involves the monumentous task of having to create perspective in a…
  • Francis Kelly

    Francis Kelly (3)

    Francis Kelly was born in 1927 in St. Paul, Minnesota. He received his early education in Chicago and California. He served in the United States Navy from 1944 to 1948 when he entered the Art Center School, Los Angeles. During 1951 in 1952 he lived in Paris, attending the Academie de la Grande, Chaumiere. In 1953 he went to the…
  • Frank Martin

    Frank Martin (20)

    Most of Frank Martin’s output was commercial in a purposeful way. At a time when illustrative and decorative art in Britain flourished in publishing, journalism and advertising, he proudly called himself a jobbing artist and no one could deny the technical range of his accomplishments. It is a measure of his success that in the 1970s he held no fewer…
  • Frederic Menguy

    Frederic Menguy (1)

    Frederic Menguy was born in Paris in 1927. He attended the City of Paris evening classes to become an art teacher. Since 1956, he devoted all of his time to painting. Frederic’s work is displayed in museums around the world and his lithographs feature among the collections in the Sketching Room of the National Library of France
  • French Art Posters

    French Art Posters (21)

    Vintage Poster collection for sale.  Posters as an art form were invented by Jules Chéret in Paris in the 1860’s. Their proliferation and refinement were the result of advances in printing technology, a relaxation of laws regulating the press, and a booming demand for the advertisement of ‘modern’ products and of the Parisian lifestyle in the Belle Epoque (1871 –…
  • Gene Davis

    Gene Davis (10)

    Known for his dazzling and immediately recognizable stripe paintings, Gene Davis emerged from the ranks of the Washington Color School to national prominence. Davis, who helped make Washington, D.C., a center of contemporary art, played a significant national and international role in the color abstraction movement.
  • Georg Karl Pfahler

    Georg Karl Pfahler (4)

    After the first years of his studies at the Nuremberg ‘Akademie der Bildenden Künste’ in 1948/49, Pfahler transferred to the Stuttgart art academy, which he attended until 1954. Although Pfahler had mainly worked in ceramics during his studies, as a freelance artist, he focused increasingly on painting. After his early ‘Metropolitan’ pictures, Pfahler developed pictorial configurations around 1956, in which…
  • Georges Braque

    Georges Braque (9)

    Georges Braque was a 20th century French painter who invented Cubism with Pablo Picasso. Along with Cubism, Braque used the styles of Impressionism, Fauvism and collage, and even staged designs for the Ballet Russes. Through his career, his style changed to portray somber subjects during wartime and lighter, freer themes in between. He never strayed far from Cubism, as there…